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Preventive Dentistry in Topton Protects Smiles of All Ages

Smiling mother and father and two daughters Maintaining your healthy smile is a lifelong job, and one that Dr. Edward Carter and our entire team would be happy to assist you with over the years. Our dedication to preventive dentistry is clear from your very first checkup and cleaning, as we’ll do everything in our power to stop common dental problems in their tracks before they’re able to damage your teeth and gums. We can also provide nightguards, professional fluoride treatment, and other services that are designed to protect and strengthen your smile in the long-term.

The whole family is welcome here at our Topton office! Contact us today to schedule a visit.

Check-Ups & Cleanings

Smiling woman in dnetal chair

Children and adults alike should be attending two checkups and two cleanings each calendar year for the sake of their healthy smiles. Dental damage and decay can worsen in subtle ways that a patient might not notice right away, and Dr. Carter is an expert at discovering and treating these concerns when they’re still relatively mild. During your checkup, he will thoroughly review each tooth, your bite, your jaw, your gum tissue, any existing restorations you have (such as fillings or crowns) and more. If treatment is needed, our team will work with you in order to devise a plan of action that matches your personal needs and preferences.

Cleanings are also a vital part of preventive care, as bacteria-filled plaque is a constant threat to your oral health. Our talented hygienist will remove this harmful substance from your teeth and gums and also eliminate any minor staining that has occurred. By doing so, our patients can leave you with a smile that feel refreshed.

Children’s Dentistry

Child receiving dental care

Being able to bring your son or daughter to the same dental practice that you already know and trust can be a big relief for your busy routine. Thankfully, Dr. Carter and our team do a great job at helping younger patients feel relaxed and comfortable whenever they come in for treatment. We’ll provide gentle checkups and cleanings, teach them about their growing smile, and demonstrate the benefits of brushing and flossing at home so that they can form a positive relationship with dental care early on.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Clear nightguard on tray

Do you often wake up in the morning with a bad headache or jaw pain? Do your teeth seem worn-down or damaged without any reason for it? These are common signs of bruxism, which is more commonly known as teeth grinding. If Dr. Carter notices these symptoms, he can recommend a custom-made nightguard to wear while sleeping. Your new nightguard will provide a durable barrier between your rows of teeth and minimize damaging contact as you rest easy.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Woman receiving oral cancer screening

Did you know that someone dies every hour on average from oral cancer? Unfortunately, far too many of these cases aren’t properly diagnosed until they’ve already progressed to advanced stages. That’s why Dr. Carter keeps an eye out for tell-tale symptoms during each checkup through a dedicated oral cancer screening. By drawing attention to cancerous cells as early as possible, we can protect our patients and improve recovery rates here in Topton.

Fluoride Treatment

Child with healthy smile

Fluoride is a valuable mineral that’s added to most community water supplies here in the United States because of its proven oral health benefits. Several studies have shown that patients who grow up drinking fluoridated water tend to have stronger enamel and fewer cavities than their deprived counterparts. However, the growing popularity of bottled water has left many children and adults without the fluoride exposure they need. Thankfully, Dr. Carter offers professional fluoride treatment as a part of regular checkups upon request.

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